Barack Obama is a decent man with a million dollar smile and that may be one of the reasons why he completely failed in last night’s Presidential debate. I have to give this one to Governor Mitt Romney, who didn’t have a knock out but did give a strong, intelligent, assertive and borderline aggressive attitude as a debater. He has gotten better and improved from months back when he was going against the other men (and Michelle Bachman) vying for the GOP nod. But with that said, one has to take into consideration all of the things that President Obama had to overcome last night.

  1.  It’s been four years since he debated anyone. He is clearly rusty but it’s not like the man hasn’t had anything to do. Running the country takes up a lot of time as opposed to Romney who has had the last four years to prepare for this night.
  2.  The only person who says no to President Obama is Mrs. Obama. This is a man who is not used to anyone publicly saying, “you’re wrong.” Yea he’s used to Republicans saying it behind his back but never directly to his face. He was clearly caught off guard.
  3.  He spent too much time writing down notes and not enough time giving Governor Romney the evil death stare. Instead the moments he did look Romney in the face, he delivered a smirk and a few times a wide-toothed smile. Stop looking so friendly to the man who wants to take your job away from you.
  4. What in the world was up with Jim Lehrer? He sucked as a moderator. Old journalists sometimes don’t want to admit it’s time to put down the microphone and take up the golf club. The pasture is calling your name Mr. Lehrer and it’s time you picked up the phone to answer.
  5.  The format of this debate is ridiculous. Four minutes for this, three minutes for that. It seemed to me that Lehrer couldn’t control either Romney or Obama during the debate. In the vain of former radio shock jocks Star and Buckwild days, if you talk over a certain period of time, your mic gets turned off. Why doesn’t the moderator have that type of control?
  6.  This debate was supposed to be about domestic policy issues and yet all of the major social issues like immigration, women’s rights, abortion, voter fraud, and the disparity between people of color and everyone else in this country were never addressed. How do you talk about domestic policies and not talk about the issues that most affect people in the country? All that rhetoric about taxes went over my head. I’m not economist so I need you to plainly say will you raise my taxes or not? I’m a single, childless woman with no assets. I already pay more taxes than I should so I’m all for the guy who is going to give me the break. I still don’t know who that is by the end of the back-and-forth between the two candidates.
  7. I’m all for bipartisan cooperation but I don’t care enough about that to make it one of the debate questions, especially the concluding one. Perhaps FOX should produce a show looking for the next American Political Moderator.  I’m sure you’d find a better choice and someone who could come up with better questions that what we heard last night.
  8.  Romney’s all about money, money, money. Yes, it is important for the President to know as much about the economy as possible, but I want the President to be as comfortable and clear in his/her message about social issues. Romney stayed on point with all that money talk because that’s what he knows. President Obama has people to advise him on economic issues. He’s not a moneyman and should have taken his opponent off topic.

In the end, there were so many missed opportunities and I do think the majority of people will give this one to Romney. My advice to the Obama camp would be to figure out how to get him fired up with coming off as the typical “angry Black man.” Those of us in the Black community understand why he had to fall back and come off as his usual nice guy self, but you know what they say about nice guys.