Bad weather kept most people either indoors or away from the few RNC events that actually happened today. Every television station in Tampa is either covering tropical storm Isaac or the fact that people can’t do anything around the convention because of Isaac. All I know is the power went out for about 2 hours in my hotel today after I just finished telling someone that the weather wasn’t all that bad and then lightening and thunder proved me wrong.

At the convention center earlier the big reveal was the start of the debt clock–a huge alpha board of numbers that indicates the national debt and the amount that debt had risen from the start of the convention. The whole point is to show how President Obama has recklessly spent tax dollars and continues to do so. I’m sure there are more bells and whistles to come.

Speaking of bells and whistles, tomorrow will be the day that the Republicans try to compensate for time lost. The Mayor of Tampa is expected to speak but I’m looking most forward to hearing Ann Romney. She’s potentially the next First Lady and has tremendous shoes to fill should Michelle Obama be replaced. I recently heard he talk about the time she was so ill with MS that Mitt crawled into bed with her and after over 40 years of marriage, those good old feelings are still there. One things for sure, she has patience. Any woman married to the same man for that long has to have the will of God. I wonder how comfortable she has become living in his shadow? I guess we’re about to find out.