Yesterday was day two at the Republican National Convention. After walking around the convention center, the only Black folks I saw were either media or those who work there. I finally found two Black women who very astutely explained to me why they are proud members of the Republican Party. I have to say, some of the points they raised were interesting and down right accurate. Do I think the Republican Party is racists, well yes. But so are a lot of fraternities, sororities, corporate businesses, boutiques, supermarkets, etc. Republicans have their rotten apples as do the Democrats. At the end of the day, what matters to me most is who is going to best represent my interests as a single, Black woman.

Last night at the forum, I was suddenly bombarded by the fact that I am no longer “attractive” as a Black woman. I’m not talking about beauty. I’m talking about the fact that Blacks are no longer the minority of choice. Today it’s all about the Latino vote. It used to be if you had someone Black in your organization, you met your quota. Affirmative Action started with us but Latinos today are truly benefitting it. If you look at the RNC lineup last night, there were at least three Latinos shepherded out to speak on the benefits of being the child of immigrants who worked hard, scraped and saved, built their own businesses and found the American dream. Well, as a first generation American myself, the child of immigrant parents who worked hard, scraped and saved but my parents didn’t have the resources or know how to build their own business and as a result were stuck working for others. Nonetheless, those message resonated with me. What I didn’t like were the negative rhetoric pushed by the RNC participants. The “it’s time to tell that man to move back to Chicago” mindset. I think you can get your message across without attacking your opponent but I never took debate so maybe I’m wrong in saying that.

It was nice to see Ted Crus, Mia Love, Artur Davis and Nikki Haley out on the stage pushing the Republican agenda. But I still don’t feel like I matter to this party. Maybe if Mia Love, one of two Black women Republicans to take the stage at the Convention (the other being Condi Rice) gave me the interview I asked for, I’d have a different opinion. I don’t like it when people who should obviously be talking to me don’t. It’s my reporter ego at work so sue me.